Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living In Freedom (Week 1)

The Jews who were born in Egypt knew nothing but slavery.  Even though it was oppressive, they preferred it over freedom because it was comfortable and familiar to them. (Numbers 14:4)

I suspect that sometimes we cop the same attitude, "The journey to freedom is too hard.  I don't want to have to suffer in order for my life to change."

Oh, we don't actually say those words, but that is certainly the attitude that comes across.  What is it that you're holding onto that is keeping you from living in the freedom God calls you to?


  1. Excellent post and I really loved the last statement because in reality our actions do speak those words. So we can't go around saying one thing with our mouth and our actions speak something totally different they must line up together.

  2. Moses had that problem with them also, didn't he? One day they're charging toward the Promised Land, and the next they're discouraged and ready to die in the desert. Lord, make my heart steadfast.