Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cracking the Code

It was great to be able to hear from the Lead Team of Quest Community Church for the past few weeks.  This past Sunday we wrapped up the series, Cracking the Code.  Each week we were compelled to examine our relationship with Jesus in a fresh way.  Participating in this series was also a training exercise for us.  We learned to clearly communicate our faith in a way that opens the door for someone else to run to Jesus.  I especially appreciated Pete Hise's final message and the testimonies that accompanied it.  Stories can be powerful, and these certainly were.  Have you ever shared your story?  If not, I would encourage you to work toward doing that.  I would love to hear it.  Here's what I suggest: write it out, then edit it for clarity (Is there a main point that you want to express, and does it come across clearly?), then edit it for content (Did you include too much detail?), then edit it for length (Is it too long for someone to read quickly?), then edit it again just for good measure.  You're ready to share it with us now.

But, shorten it down again to a one-minute version, so that you can tell it quickly and concisely if you need to tell someone about Jesus in a limited amount of time.  Not having enough time should never be an excuse for allowing someone to stay in darkness.

Ready?  Let's hear it!

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