Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's My Church!

Dear Transformers and friends of Transformation House,

Last night, we had the first of two classes for some of our leaders - those who are seen up front each Sunday. The class is called Being Upfront about being Up Front. I led this class, but I want to share a bit of what I got from the class.

I first asked for an evaluation of the service this past Sunday. Those who were up front during the service were Kristen, Tim, Derek, Lisa, Zach, Elena, Anna, Darnell, Amber, Tony, and Chris. I wondered, "To those who were first-time guests, who appeared to be in charge of the service?" The answer was "none of the above." Because everyone knows their role and fills it well, the Holy Spirit, who is truly in charge, can move us in any direction. When He is in charge, not one of us needs to take credit, there is a comfortable flow in the service, and everyone has an encounter with a loving God.

Another question that everyone answered was about their first impression of Transformation House. I asked if their first impression was correct or if they've adjusted what they believe about the church since their first visit.

One person answered, My first impression was that I was getting attention because that's what church folk do. They pay attention to first-timers, then it wears off over time. What I found was that the love they showed me on the first Sunday is the same love they show me now, almost two years later.

Another person said, My first impression was that this was different from any other church I had visited. I saw black, white, gay, straight, old, young, and all were accepted and have a place to belong and serve.

Another answer was, In my previous church, relationships were fake. Here, I feel like I fit in. Rather than just being talked to, I am heard.

I won't go on and on, so the final one I'll share was, When I came, I felt the Holy Spirit in this place - during worship and in interacting with others.

What gets me so pumped about these answers is that these all came from people that I had never met two years ago. At the time we were planning to start Transformation House, we prayed for God to send us to those who felt disenfranchised by the church. We prayed that in this place everyone could feel welcome and experience the presence of God. Every time someone spoke last night, I thought, "That's what we prayed for. That's exactly why we started this church!"

If you're not a part of a church that allows you to serve freely, I'm sorry. I've said it before, so I'll say it again, "If your church won't change, change churches."


  1. Ugh. I want to come to your church. It's a hopeful thing to read, but sure doesn't make me want to go back to my church on Sunday. I've been attending for two years, and while we "greet" each other every time, I've not made one lasting connection. Ugh, again.

    1. Kate, you know that "be the change" thing? When I read your comment, I thought that there are probably other people in your congregation that dread going to church each week for the same reason. Maybe you're there so you can change that for them. Maybe? I can't imagine that people wouldn't love you when they get to know you!

  2. Please visit ours. Bring some family and/or friends! We would love to see you this Sunday! :)

    1. Derek, Kate is in California. It would a long drive for her every week. Maybe one day... :)