Monday, September 3, 2012

Heroes Make an Impact

Transformers, I want you to know that you are making an impact. We will never know how far Jesus will take our stories or who he will touch with them, but keep telling them. You are making a difference. I am so blessed to be your pastor.
From yesterday: I know many people could relate to Amy's story yesterday. Two things that you should remember: 1) It is never too late to say yes to Jesus. If he is prompting you to do something or if you have been keeping your talents to yourself, all he wants is to hear you say yes. If you've said no five times or 500 times, all it takes to turn your life around is a simple yes. 2) God is not afraid of your questions or doubts. It doesn't matter how you feel about him, what matters is how he feels about you!
Mark your 2013 calendar for April 17/18. We will be traveling to Lexington, Kentucky for The Uprising.
Invite some friends to come to Transformation House with you next Sunday.

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