Sunday, March 21, 2010

Darkness and Light

I really enjoyed our time together tonight.  Pastor Chris shared with us the importance of sharing the Gospel.  He related his own experience of being drawn out of a life of darkness and loneliness - not through being scolded, shamed or condemned, but from being loved.  He said he realized that his old lifestyle came about because he felt that no one else understood the pain he was feeling and that no one else could relate to his situation.

Then this girl showed up (who is now his wife) who was willing to walk out of the life she knew into his world.  She was a pastor's daughter with two sisters and a brother and two loving parents, but she was willing to walk away from them to bring light into his dark place.

He reminded us that God's grace is enough to reach any person in any situation - on any day.  There are people sitting where he sat waiting for us to show them grace and love. 

At Transformation House we want to love people where they are.  We won't wait for them to come to us; we will build relationships daily that will help us lead people to Jesus.  Pastor Chris challenged us to be ready to go beyond our comfort level into the darkness of other people's lives so that we can lead them out.

They may never know who Christ is until we show them. 

Good job, Pastor Chris.  I love you and the gift of God in you.

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