Monday, November 16, 2009


This morning, I picked up my Bible before I rolled out of bed the second time - the first time was to feed Miles and put him back to bed.  When I opened the Bible, I just started reading where my eyes fell on the page, and I read these words of Solomon:

"I'm about to build a house of worship in honor of God, a holy place for burning perfumed incense, for setting out holy bread, for making Whole-Burnt-Offerings at morning and evening worship, and for Sabbath, New Moon, and Holy Day services of worship—the acts of worship required of Israel.

The house I am building has to be the best, for our God is the best, far better than competing gods. But who is capable of building such a structure? Why, the skies—the entire cosmos!—can't begin to contain him. And me, who am I to think I can build a house adequate for God—burning incense to him is about all I'm good for! I need your help..."

At first, it struck me funny that Solomon had to ask for help.  After all, he had resources at his fingertips to build a great temple.  But in his wisdom, Solomon knew that God deserved more than what he alone could offer.  If the temple he built was going to be God-worthy, it would require that he humble himself enough to say, "I need your help."

I feel blessed to be starting Transformation House with a great leadership team, and I believe there are other people that God will send to help us create a House that will truly honor Him.

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