Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today, Pastor Chris and I had a very helpful conference call with Jason Morehead, exec pastor at NewSpring. We had a chance to tell him about our vision for ministry in downtown Greenville. He said he loves downtown Greenville. So do we. We were actually sitting on a bench on Main Street while we were talking with him.

We asked him questions about NewSpring's start and asked for some advice. We talked about what kind of team is needed initially. Can you guess what three people he said we would need? We talked about a couple of Board of Trustees models and what roles they would fill. He told us a bit about how NewSpring was financed in the early days.

I asked him what he thought caused people to come back a second time in the beginning. He said he personally came to NewSpring because a friend persistently invited him until he caved. He said that he believes some people come to NewSpring now because of the music or because of the excellence with which everything is done, but he believes the majority of people attend now for the same reason people came in the early days: Perry's relevant sermons that relate Biblical truths in a practical way.

We probably kept him on the phone longer than he planned, but he was very helpful and gave answers to every question. He was very encouraging and gave us enough direction to help us take the next step.

Then, Chris and I had lunch at Guadalajara. Duh!

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  1. Tony, I have been reading these blogs and am enjoying them immensely. I would just like to add that people don't go to church to hear about all the things they shouldn't do.We all know right from wrong faith is what lets us do right when wrong is all around.